Face Mask News - Global News on the important use of Type IIR Masks

  • What can we expect from Covid this winter?

    As the government prepares for Covid this winter, what can we expect and what steps should we take to minimise restrictions?
  • How to stop your glasses fogging up with a face mask

      The wearing of face masks to limit the transmission of Covid-19 is still one of the government guidelines in enclosed and crowded areas. They a...
  • NHS Given Go Ahead for Booster Vaccine

    With winter fast approaching, the NHS are preparing to get ahead of the expected third wave

    Why has the lockdown in England been extended until July 19th?
  • Protecting Yourself From The New Coronavirus Strains

    Protecting yourself from the new coronavirus strains is a concern shared by many people. With news of the horrific scale of infections and deaths ...
  • Should we still be wearing masks?

    Should we still be wearing masks? The question of whether we should still be wearing masks often comes up. There has been much confusion created ...
  • COVID-19: Kent Mutation RESISTS Vaccine?

      A NEW 'superpower' mutation in the Kent coronavirus strain could make it more resistant to vaccines, experts fear. The mutation, which has b...
  • COVID-19: Britons summer holidays in jeopardy?

    Countries have been blocking travel from the UK since the new variant was discovered in the UK.

     The new UK variant of Coronavirus has severely impacted many Brits summer plans, with majority of popular holiday destinations blocking travel from the UK.  .

  • COVID-19: Schools plans of reopening to be revealed ‘as soon as we can’, says PM

    The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said teachers and students can expect news on the reopening of schools whenever a plan is decided on, with Johnson pledging to reveal “as much as we can, as soon as we can”. 

    The Government informed the countries teachers, parents and pupils that they will be told when schools will be reopening “as soon as we can”, with the Coronavirus situation seeming to be increasingly worse.  

  • UK Government eyeing up enforced restrictions on face coverings and exercise

    The government continues to attempt to bring down the bane of everyone's life at the moment – COVID19. After the recent country-wide lockdown re...
  • Masks - Should we wear them anyway?

    With the ever-annoying COVID-19 pandemic raging on, masks have become essential in our daily lives, specifically when leaving our humble abodes....
  • Supermarkets in UK Set to Impose Stricter Mask Restrictions

    With the new strain of COVID-19 on its rampage, the country seeks ways to tighten up on public interactions and ensure prevention of the virus being spread.