COVID-19: Britons summer holidays in jeopardy?

Countries have been blocking travel from the UK since the new variant was discovered in the UK 

The new UK variant of Coronavirus has severely impacted many Brits summer plans, with majority of popular holiday destinations blocking travel from the UK.  

These countries include: 

Central Europe: 

  • France 
  • Italy  
  • Ireland 
  • Belgium 
  • Austria 
  • Switzerland 
  • Germany 
  • Netherlands 
  • Sweden 

Eastern Europe: 

  • Latvia 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Lithuania 
  • Turkey 
  • Estonia 
  • Denmark 
  • Croatia 


  • Israel 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Kuwait 
  • Japan 


  • Canada  
  • El Salvador 


You can see the full list of countries that people from the UK can/cannot travel to at Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridors - GOV.UK (


It is rumoured that travel will be reopened for Britons once everyone is vaccinated, which at a rate of roughly 5.5 million vaccinations every 2 months is predicted to be most likely next year.  

Theres a slim chance on holidays being available again in the winter, but I wouldn’t bank on it. 

It is almost guaranteed once travel is allowed again, we will have to wear masks here and there. I would recommend stocking up on masks from Orpian. You can get packs of 30 for £12.99 so a few packs should last a month or two for your holiday.