Orpian® Pricing Information

At Orpian® we ensure our pricing is kept competitive and offer attractive discounted pricing for volume purchases.

Below are the available Orpian® pricing tiers showing the unit price benefits of bulk purchasing. Our British face masks are supplied in retail packs of 5, available boxed or loose, or in boxes of 50 for easy dispensing:

 Quantity Package Description Price (inc.VAT) Unit Price


50 Blue Face masks
Box of 50 blue face masks
£9.99 20p
50 Black Face masks Box of 50 black face masks £10.99 22p
30 Blue Face masks Box of 30 blue face masks (sealed in packs of 5) + 10 Easi-Fit straps £7.99 26p
30 Black Face Masks Box of 30 black face masks (sealed in packs of 5) + 10 Easi-Fit straps £8.99 30p
450 Face masks Carton of 15 Boxes of 30 face masks £72.00 16p
900 Face masks Box of 180 Packs of 5 sealed face masks £135.00 15p

Free Delivery applies on all orders over £50.00
For bulk orders larger than listed, please contact us at Orpian® via our Contact Us page