Orpian® Pricing

At Orpian® we ensure our pricing is kept competitive and offer attractive discounted pricing for volume purchases.

Below are the available Orpian® pricing tiers showing the unit price benefits of bulk purchasing. Face Coverings are supplied in retail packs of 5:

 Quantity Package Description Price (inc.VAT) Unit Price


60 Face Coverings
Box of 60 Face Coverings inc. 20 Easi-Fit straps
£9.99 17p
30 Face Coverings Pack of 10 Easi-Fit straps £4.99 50p
450 Face Coverings Carton of 15 Boxes £72.00 16p
900 Face Coverings 180 Packs of 5 £135.00 15p

Free Delivery applies on all orders over £50.00
For bulk orders larger than listed, please contact us at Orpian® via our Contact Us page