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The Best Face Masks for You, Your Family and Your Business.

We specialise in the production of Type IIR (+98% BFE) Medical Face Masks, which are suitable for both medical and general use. Our masks are CE, MHRA Registered and made in Britain. Trusted by the public and the NHS to prevent the spread of airborne particles.

Orpian masks offer the highest level of comfort for our wearers with our premium spunbound inner layer.

We also provide masks in sealed easy - travel packs of 5. Ideal for daily travel and work shifts/rotas.

Our British facility ensures the highest standards of hygiene from production to packaging. Choose Orpian®.

Orders received by 3pm on weekdays are despatched the same day otherwise they will be shipped the following working day.

Disposable Face Mask | Type IIR – 3-Ply Medical Grade – BFE 98% | UK Manufactured

Why wear a face mask?

A face mask is essential in protecting against the transmission of germs, fluids, dust, airborne pathogens and more. Orpian® 3-layer Type IIR face masks offer full protection in public areas where transmission is most likely.

See here for why Type IIR Masks are the recommended type of mask to be used

Most Comfortable Face Mask:

·  Breathable face mask, smooth on the skin

·  Soft elastic ear loops gently hug the ears

·  Custom nose bridge eliminates gaps for a secure fit

·  Pleated mouth mask unfolds to cover lower face

Best Face Mask for Covid:

·  98%+ BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) to protect you and others

·  3-ply filters out airborne particles and pathogens

·  Water and dust resistant for extra protection

·  Meets the guidance from the World Health Organisation

Easi-Fit Straps:

Wearing a mask all day can make your ears feel uncomfortable. Orpian® Easi-Fit straps are designed to increase wearer comfort and are one-size-fits-all. To use, simply hook the ear loops onto the ‘teeth’ and place the strap behind your head.

·  Fits almost all head sizes

·  Holds your mask in place and prevents it slipping down your nose

·  Hearing aid wearers no longer have to wear their masks over their ears

·  Secure fit helps to prevent glasses from fogging up

·  Easi-Fit straps come free with boxes/cartons or as packs of 10 (in blue or black) or you can purchase on there own in packs of 10 in both Black and Blue.

Product Specifications

·  Type IIR Medical Face Mask

·  Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of more than 98%

·  Splash and dust resistant

·  100% latex free and free of glass fibre

·  Single use, 4 hours maximum recommended use time

·  174mm (width) x 95mm (height)

Product Certifications:

·  MHRA no 11838

·  CE approved

·  UKCA approved

·  EN 14683 Certified

·  EU Class I (non-sterile)


·  Orders received by 3pm on weekdays are despatched the same day

·  Free 48-hour delivery on all orders over £50

·  Due to the infection control and hygienic requirements of these products they are non-returnable

·  Please see our shipping policy for full delivery details

Orpian® – Breathe Safely, Breathe Comfortably:

All Orpian® masks are manufactured within the UK at Unit 4, Eastcote Industrial Estate, Field End Road, Eastcote, Middlesex. HA4 9XG.

Orpian® is an IMEI Ltd Brand licensed to Total Business Consultants Limited, registered in England No. 07521240

Why We Should All Be Wearing Face Masks

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Slow the COVID-19 Spread Together

Orpian’s® mission is to provide high-quality masks to individuals, families and businesses to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our bulk orders are perfect for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and health bodies.

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Wear Your Face Mask Correctly

Not sure how to wear a face mask? Our pleated fabric masks unfold easily to cover your entire nose and mouth. For full instructions check out our user guides to make sure you’re getting the most protection.

Wearing Instructions
Orpian 3 ply type IIR face masks

Orpian® 3-Ply Medical Grade Certified Type IIR

Designed to be comfortable and breathable, Orpian® disposable face masks protect your mouth and airways from airborne particles, pollution and other harmful substances in the air. They can also help to prevent hand-to-mouth transmission of bacteria.

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Best face mask to prevent airborne pathogens


Precision Manufacturing

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Keep Up To Date with coronavirus news

Stay up to date with UK/NHS guidelines on social distancing, mask requirements and whether your local area has been put in lockdown or has any specific rules to adhere to. Check out the latest news on our own dedicated news page.

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