How to stop your glasses fogging up with a face mask

Glasses fogging up with a face mask


The wearing of face masks to limit the transmission of Covid-19 is still one of the government guidelines in enclosed and crowded areas. They are also a mandatory requirement for many stores and services such as TFL and other transport providers. For those who wear glasses having their glasses fog up due to a face mask can be an inconvenience at best and dangerous at worst, depending on what they are doing when their glasses fog up.

Why your glasses fog up

If you've been wearing glasses for some time, the problem of having your lenses fog up is probably something you have encountered many times before, usually during winter. Glasses fog up when you warm, humid breath comes in to contact with the cool glass if your lenses. The cool surfaces cause the humidity in your breath to condense on the lenses, causing fogging.

Tips for preventing your glasses from fogging when wearing a mask

Wear your glasses over your mask

One of the ways that your breath can escape your mask is through gaps at the top. Pulling your mask up and your glasses down so that they are sitting on the material of the mask is a simple trick. This allows your breath to escape between your eyes and your glasses and help prevent your glasses from fogging up.

Wash your glasses with soap

Certain products, such as soap, baby shampoo and even shaving cream can help avoid fogging according to a 2015 study. Washing your glasses with these products and then allowing them to air dry leaves behind a film on your glasses. This film is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and can help create a barrier against moisture.

Tighten your mask

An ill-fitting mask allows breath to escape through gaps between the mask and your face, rather than through the mask material as intended. Use the ear straps on your mask to ensure a tight fit. You can loop them or even tie knots in them to shorten the loop and ensure a snug fit against your face. You can also use head straps to achieve a tighter fit on your mask.

Use a mask with an adjustable nose bridge

Masks with an adjustable nose bridge are some of the best to use. The stiff wire allows you to form the bridge of the mask around your nose. This then prevents your breath from sneaking out around your nose and on to your glasses.

Put a tissue on the inside of your mask

Fold some tissue and place it inside your mask. The tissue will absorb extra moisture from your breath and prevent it from reaching your glasses.

Use an anti-fogging product

There are various types of sprays and wipes that you can use which leave a protective coating on your lenses to help keep them clear.

Try using some tape

Try some skin safe tape to help secure your mask to your face. Apply the tape along the top edge of your mask to firmly seal to top of the mask and prevent air from escaping out towards your glasses.

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