COVID-19: Kent Mutation RESISTS Vaccine?


A NEW 'superpower' mutation in the Kent coronavirus strain could make it more resistant to vaccines, experts fear.

The mutation, which has been labelled E484K, has now been discovered in a number of samples of the Kent virus sparking fears it could re-infect those who've already survived COVID-19 as well as make vaccines less effective.

The virus has "essentially developed a superpower", Sky's science expert Thomas Moore said, adding that it was a "worrying development".

Experts are particularly worried about the E484K mutation, which is also found in the potent South African strain that has sparked a door-to-door testing programme in numerous UK postcodes after being found in Surrey.

The Kent Covid variant has started to mutate further to become more like the one that evolved in South Africa in what scientists have dubbed a 'worrying development' that could make vaccines less effective.

One of the key mutations on the South African and Brazilian variants appear to make the virus more able to resist immunity that has been developed by past infection or from the current vaccines.

And this mutation has now been found at least 11 times in different cases of people infected with the Kent variant, Public Health England revealed, raising fears it could become a permanent feature of the British strain.


Additionally, Scottish schools are set to return to an open status


Nicola Sturgeon is set to announce the return of Scottish schools, as the country makes "progress" against coronavirus, one of the Government's top advisers has signalled.

Professor Jason Leitch, the national clinical director of the Scottish Government, said he had recommended that younger children should return to school soon - but older pupils may have to wait longer.

"We're heading in the right direction," Prof Leitch told the BBC on Tuesday.

"I can break the secret - you definitely won't see all of lockdown lifted, but there is progress and therefore you've got to think, as public health advisers, what is the first thing you should do?