What can we expect from Covid this winter?

Wear a face mask for covid this winter

What can we expect from Covid this winter?

According to a report by the Imperial College London, around 100 thousand new hospitalisations are expected from Covid this winter. This is in spite of the vaccination programme. However, it is expected that deaths should be significantly lower.

The government has expressed confidence in their current plants to manage Covid numbers. However, Boris Johnson has rejected calls to to rule out his Plan B with mandatory masks and vaccine passports, or going further with lockdown rules.

What is Plan B?

The government has advised that if the data begins to show that the NHS is likely to be in crisis, they will implement their "Plan B". What this would mean is implement measures to control the transmission of Covid whilst also trying to minimise any economic impacts. These measures include:

  • Communicating  urgently to the public that the level of risk has increased.
  • Introducing mandatory vaccine passports certain settings.
  • Legally requiring face masks in certain settings.

The government may also once again ask people to work from home where possible.

What can we do to avoid restrictions from Covid this winter?

We should remain cautious and continue to respect social distancing and washing our hands. Similarly, we should continue to wear face masks in public settings. Studies continue to show that face masks are effective at reducing transmission when compliance is high.

Professor Andrew Hayward, a government advisor and epidemiologist has warned we are on a "knife-edge". According to him, much of the outcome for Covid this winter is dependant on the update of booster jabs.

With new waves of infection reported throughout Europe, we cannot afford to be too relaxed in our handling of Covid. Let's continue to do our best to avoid restrictions. Pick up your supply of medical grade face masks from us and keep you and your loves ones safe.

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