Collection: Type IIR Face Masks and Easi-Fit Straps

A face Mask is essential in protecting against the transmission of COVID-19, germs, fluids, dust, airborne pathogens and more. Orpian® 3-layer Type IIR face masks offer full protection in public areas where transmission is most susceptible.

Here Orpian provide you with a package of Type IIR masks with Easi-Fit straps.

Most Comfortable Face Mask:

·  Breathable face masks, smooth on the skin

·  Soft elastic ear loops gently hug the ears

·  Custom nose bridge eliminates gaps for a secure fit

·  Pleated mouth mask unfolds to cover lower face

Best Face Masks for Covid:

·  99% BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) to protect you and others

·  3-ply filters out airborne particles and pathogens

·  Water and dust resistant for extra protection

·  Machine sealed in packs of 5 to prevent cross-contamination

·  Meets the guidance from the World Health Organisation

Easi-Fit Straps:

Wearing a mask all day can make your ears feel uncomfortable. Orpian® Easi-Fit straps are designed to increase wearer comfort and are one-size-fits-all. To use, simply hook the ear loops onto the ‘teeth’ and place the strap behind your head.

·  Fits almost all head sizes

·  Holds your mask in place and prevents it slipping down your nose

·  Hearing aid wearers no longer have to wear their masks over their ears

·  Secure fit helps to prevent glasses from fogging up

·  Easi-Fit straps come free with boxes/cartons or as packs of 10 (in blue or black)

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