UK Government eyeing up enforced restrictions on face coverings and exercise

The government continues to attempt to bring down the bane of everyone's life at the moment – COVID19. After the recent country-wide lockdown reintroduction, it appears the government are increasing the strictness of the lockdown, compared to previous lockdowns, in a possible reaction to the threatening new strain combined with the national unrest of ANOTHER lockdown.

The Prime Minister is believed to have spoken with senior ministers on Sunday 10th January about whether or not the current lockdown rules are working to reduce the spread of the virus. A further 54,940 cases were confirmed on Sunday, while deaths rose by 563. It is evident that they need to do something.

The enforced restrictions could include a multitude of ramped up efforts to reduced spread of the virus. For example, masks are likely to become compulsory in the majority of public spaces, ensuring little to none exchange opportunities for the virus.

Meetings between friends appear to be taking a hit too, with the initial rules which allow people to meet up with one other person outside their household to exercise in a public space, expected to be scrapped.

There are also many with concerns about infections spreading within supermarkets, which have remained open under previous lockdown.

Ministers are likely to tell the chains to get tougher on customers social distancing and wearing face masks inside the stores, the Times reported. Face coverings may also be introduced in busy outdoor areas, such as shop queues, or enclosed work spaces, such as offices, it was also claimed.

These new influx of restrictions makes owning a mask even more important. It appears masks will be around for a lot longer than expected, with not only them being used to stop corona, but the virus may make people wear masks when they are ill, like they do in Japan and South Korea, to prevent spread of all and any illnesses.

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