Supermarkets in UK Set to Impose Stricter Mask Restrictions

Supermarkets in UK set to impose stricter mask restrictions 

With the new strain of COVID-19 on its rampage, the country seeks ways to tighten up on public interactions and ensure prevention of the virus being spread.  

The new variant, which is called VUI 202012/01, started to spread significantly in December, though scientists have traced its existence back until at least September. 

Around two-thirds of London’s cases are now being linked to this new strain. 

The strain is a mutated version of the original Coronavirus that appeared in the UK in the South East and London and it is said to be twice as infectious as the original, causing concern across the country. 

This is because of changes to the spike protein, which is what viruses use to gain access to our cells. 

The mutation most likely occurred in the body of a patient whose weakened immune system made them unable to beat the virus, and instead led to them becoming a petri dish for mutation. 

However, even though the new strain is twice as infectious, luckily it is not any more lethal than the original COVID-19, causing some relief in a dire situation. 

It, therefore, comes as no surprise to see the government introduce stricter rules to battle against the new strain and stop it from reaching out of the South East and London.  


What restrictions will supermarkets enforce? 

The supermarkets across Britain have stayed open throughout the pandemic, with restrictions already in place, such as masks being almost compulsory and social distancing being put in play. 

It has felt that the restrictions in supermarkets were not very imposing however, with quite a loose feel to the experience.  

What we can expect in future weeks is much stronger restrictions, such as: 

  • Smaller maximum amount of people allowed in 
  • Masks extremely important and compulsory – no mask could lead to fine or being kicked out 
  • Social distancing at all times 
  • Possible slight change in how we interact with cashiers 
  • More hand sanitizing stations scattered around 
  • Shopping alone compulsory 

 Sainsbury's has joined Morrison's in vowing to ban customers who refuse to wear a face mask and urging people to shop alone. 


Follow the Rules 

Discussing the matter on ITV, Dr Hilary pleaded with viewers to follow the rules when shopping for essentials. 

He said: "Enclosed places are much more likely to transmit the virus, I think there has been evidence that supermarkets have been an area of concern and spreading has occurred. 

"So, following the signs on the floor, the one-way system, it's important not to have any congestion in the aisles. 

"Always wear a mask, sanitise regularly, and I have seen a lot of people touching fruit and putting it back without sanitising in between." 

See more of what Dr Hilary said about coronavirus here: #AskDrH: Dr Hilary answers your coronavirus questions | Good Morning Britain ( 

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