F.D.A. Bans Faulty Masks, 3 Weeks After Failed Tests

The Food and Drug Administration, for 3 weeks, approved the sale of many different types of N95-style face masks. These were distributed amongst American health care workers, regardless of evidence from other parts of the federal government that proved the masks to be ineffective for blocking the coronavirus.

The Food and Drug Administration denied 65 manufacturers from trading masks for medical use as a result of this. However, this action came after tests last month revealed the masks didn’t meet the required standards.

On Thursday, the F.D.A. stopped more than 65 of the 80 authorized manufacturers in China from shipping N95-type face masks for medical use to the United States, concluding the poor quality of the masks. Produced in China, millions of these masks have been bought by or donated to American hospitals and distributed to others on the front line of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Tests performed by the Centers for Disease Control, which started in mid-April, revealed that many of the masks did not adhere to crucial medical standards for protection against the coronavirus.

An F.D.A. spokeswoman said in a statement, “While the F.D.A. continues to take action to balance the urgent need of supplies of respirators for health care personnel, we are also doing everything in our authority to ensure health care personnel receive adequate protection,” She also revealed that the agency would work with the C.D.C. to ensure the masks integrity and increase the supply of masks.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/07/health/masks-banned-n95-coronavirus.html